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Restoration and Relocation Decoys

Duck Trap Decoys

Looking for a particular decoy rather that a flock?
Since we develop our own patterns and since all of our decoys are hand carved and painted, we can furnish whatever decoy suits your purposes. We've been doing just that for over 50 years. After you peruse this site,
click here to check out our gallery.

Background: Forster's Tern decoys in our shop at Duck Trap
We carved these for the San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge

Snow on the ground says it's time to get ready for Spring.
Please don't put it off until the last minute or we may not be able to help you in time.



The decoys that appear on this site are those we produce most often and in the greatest numbers. We can carve and paint your decoys in whatever pose and to whatever degree of realism you would like. And if you need a species that doesn't appear here, chances are that we have a suitable design, and if we don't, we'll be glad to consult with your experts and produce one that is suitable. In such cases we oftentimes produce a prototype for your inspection and approval before proceeding.


about US

In business since 1972

We have been carving decoys for decades. There are no CNC machines in our shop and no casting equipment. Our decoys are carved from pine and cedar and hand painted, because those are the decoys that attract birds the best.

That sounds time consuming, and it is, but we have the experience and have filled orders for 300 and more. If your order is too large for us to handle within your time frame, we'll tell you so right up front.


The true advantage of hand work is that we can suit the decoys to your restoration or relocation project, rather than you having to suit your project to the available decoys. Our designs are proprietary, and we can modify any of them to suit your needs.

Yes, we are registered with SAM.

Some of our sandwich tern decoys at work in sweden
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