Restoration and Relocation Decoys

Duck Trap Decoys

Looking for one rather that a flock?
No problem, we carve for collectors as well,
and our gallery is open during warmer weather.

Sad Note: Wildly inflated materials prices have impacted the prices of our decoys like everything else. Until this insanity ends, please contact us for current prices.

Background: Forster's Tern decoys in our shop at Duck Trap
We carved these for the San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge

We can catch our breath now that the Spring rush is over.
(This is a great time to get to the head of the line for next season.)



The decoys that appear on this site are those we produce most often and in the greatest numbers. We can carve and paint your decoys in whatever pose and to whatever degree of realism you would like. And if you need a species that doesn't appear here, chances are that we have a suitable design, and if we don't, we'll be glad to consult with your experts and produce one that is suitable. In such cases we oftentimes produce a prototype for your inspection and approval before proceeding.